Summer Retreat 2014

Retreat Announcement

We are excited to announce that the dates are now set for our 7-day Santa Barbara Summer Retreat.

Sunday, June 29th, 2014 through Saturday, July 5th,2014.

We hope you will join us in Santa Barbara for this unique opportunity for therapy in the ideal environment, with ample time, and a great community of people and support.

This will be our 2nd year celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks at the beach! The city of Santa Barbara puts on an annual fireworks display, a 4th of July parade and many other scheduled holiday events.

Accommodations are dormitory style. You should plan to bring linens, towels and a pillow. You may also consider bringing a sleeping bag for added comfort. Meals are included and will be served in the dining hall.  There will be 7 group meetings starting on Sunday evening and ending on the following Saturday at noon.  We will continue with “buddy matching” and introduce new exercises for you to participate in.

Patients from all stages of therapy are welcome and encouraged to attend.

There will be very few private rooms available for this Retreat. If you want to book one of these rooms, please contact the office to check availability and cost. These will be reserved on a first come basis and must be paid for in full at the time of your reservation.



2 Responses to Summer Retreat 2014

  1. dvddoodle99 says:

    In December, following a spinal injury in October my,rather academically advanced, chiro claimed to have detected a birthing injury, that my umbilical cord had been twisted and impacted my small intestine. Various specific adjustments were completed over the next two days. I rarely visit doc, and frankly while I have confidence in this chiro I thought this was pretty wonky and expected nothing but I’d do anything to escape the pain I was enduring.
    I left disappointed after the second day’s adjustments, no dramatic lessening of pain. But 5 miles towards home I became of something. I had changed. All of my life I have been a victim. I knew the etiology of that before I came to Primal, horrendous abuse from a family that hated me. I left LA earlier than planned due to a family situation, but had gotten a lot from this therapy I hold in the highest esteem. A year later overworked and underslept I succumbed to, ” Sick Building Syndrome,” Multiple Chemical Sensitivites and fibromyalgia were diagnosed, And I returned to my victim role. The Primal Box helped drain feelings; drain , not resolve.
    Well, maybe this is all a coincidence but while my physical pain has not vanished,(it is improved); but I’m no longer a victim. A whole lot of shit just let go. I think I can start loving myself instead of playing my game of seduction to have others feel sorry for me. I hope I’ll recognize someone who really cares for me, stop running from the right one and stop struggling with the others. I was phenomenal at caring for others, selfless to the core, but it was compulsive, a way to try to avoid being hurt, and get without asking, without appearing to need anything. As elders have pointed out we really do get what we ask for, or don’t ask for.

    I’m sad there are more years behind me than ahead but that’s how it is.

  2. Anne wilson says:

    Dear dvddoodle99
    I don’t know you, only the you that has been introduced on the blog. I realise that this blog is yonks old but I was browsing through pieces on primal therapy and came upon you.
    I could not help smiling at what you had to say….not in any derogatory way. I was proud of you, interested in your comments and I also identified with you…you could almost have been writing it about me. I love you, I realise that might sound a bit out there, but I guess love has many dimensions. I love the unloved child that created the adult you, I applaud your journey and what you have accomplished as a result of it.
    Can I just say….when you refer to your family as hating you. Lift up your head…because to hate is merely falling short of love. And that falling short is their short fall not yours.
    I think there is some merit in saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    I personally have grieved over the thought that to turn out my own light would serve to bring me peace.
    The thing I can’t get past is that it doesn’t fix anything, it doesn’t help my people see what they may or may not have done. It would simply validate their opinion of me. I hope I’m worth more than that. We’ll see. I hope I can find my way as you did. I can’t afford the therapy, but I read a lot about it and gleen from the crumbs the rest of you leave behind. For that I’m grateful. Anne

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